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Literary work written in verse
a) Poetry
b) Prose
c) Idiom
d) Rhyme scheme

Expression whose meaning is different from the literal words
a) Prose
b) Poetry
c) Allusion
d) idiom

all other written literature
a) Idiom
b) Poetry
c) Prose
d) hyperbole

each ending rhyme sound is given a letter of the alphabet
a) Rhyme scheme
b) allusin
c) personification
d) Diamonte

refrence to a historical or litereay event or person
a) personification
b) metaphor
c) allusion
d) similie

something not human is given qualities
a) simile
b) metaphor
c) hyperbole
d) personification

comparrision using like or as
a) similie
b) metaphor
c) alliteration
d) cliche

comparrison not using like or as
a) similie
b) sonnet
c) metaphor
d) alliteratio

repeating of the same beginning sounds
a) alliteration
b) cliche
c) sonnet
d) hyperbole

exaggerated comparison for effect
a) metaphor
b) hyperbole
c) similie
d) cliche

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