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The Pareto principle, as it applies to quality control, states that:
a) Most of the quality problems are caused by the same few causes.
b) Any variation in a manufacturing process is bad for quality
c) 100% quality is impossible to achieve.
d) The causes of quality control problems all contribute equally to the number of products rejected at final inspection.

The idea of interchangeable parts was important because:
a) The components of assembled products could be mass produced.
b) Production became safer.
c) Fewer workers were needed.
d) Workers were forced to work together in factories.

Which of the following is an advantage of computer simulation modeling?
a) The effects of proposed changes can be tested inexpensively and safely.
b) Off-the-shelf simulation packages enable the creation of complex models within minutes.
c) Future demand for a product can be predicted

Which manufacturing process would be most suitable for the manufacture of ten thousand identical screws?
a) CNC Turning
b) Blow Molding
c) Forging
d) Sand Casting

Which of the following is true of quality control technicians?
a) They must be familiar with the specifications of all raw materials and parts produced.
b) They only test parts when a problem is suspected.
c) They have to check every component produced within the factory.

Which of the following is true of CNC machining?
a) Parts are manufactured to tight tolerances.
b) CNC dies are very expensive
c) Even a small adjustment to a part design requires massive investment in machine modifications.

Staff reduction is the only possible outcome of widespread automation.
a) False
b) True

Which of the following task is performed by the marketing department?
a) Find out what the customers want in new products.
b) Provide after-sales service.
c) Design products.

__________ can only be used to create parts that are axisymmetrical.
a) Turning
b) Casting
c) Drilling
d) Milling

A device used for optical, non-contact sensing to receive and interpret an image of a real scene automatically, in order to obtain information and/or control machines or processes.
a) Machine Vision System
b) Robot
c) AS/RS
d) CNC Mill

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