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An example of a developed country
a) Kenya
b) Vietnam
c) United States
d) Mexico

A world in which human populations can continue to exist ith a high standard of living and health is a
a) population crisis
b) consumption crisis
c) sustainable world
d) unsustainable world

When people waste, use up or pollute natural resources faster than they can be replaced
a) population crisis
b) earth crisis
c) natural resource crisis
d) consumption crisis

Populations growing too fast for a region to support
a) consumption crisis
b) natural resource crisis
c) population crisis
d) earth crisis

Any substance that living things use
a) natural resource
b) environment
c) unnatural resource
d) environmental resource

Everything that surrounds us
a) natural resources
b) house
c) environment
d) consumption crisis

Resources that cannot be replaced like fossil fuels
a) renewable resources
b) environmental resources
c) lame resources
d) nonrenewable resources

Countries that have a high standard of living
a) develping countries
b) renewable resources
c) developed countries
d) lame countries

The thin layer of life around the earth
a) sustainable world
b) environment
c) biosphere
d) environmental science

Resources that can be used over and over
a) nonrenewable resources
b) biosphere
c) renewable resources
d) develping countries

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