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Under the Confederation Congress (AOC), delegates were chosen by the state. Which was true under the Constitution?
a) House of Representative reps are chosen directly by the people. Senators were originally selected by the states.
b) Representatives and Senators were all directly elected by the people under the original Constitution.

The debate between big and small states over representation was resolved with the....
a) Great Compromise
b) Declaration of Independence
c) Shays's Rebellion

The Senate was added to the Constitution to get the support of....
a) small states
b) big states

The 3/5 Compromise was to:
a) decide the issue of how slaves would be counted in each state's population.
b) decide whether slavery should be banned.
c) determine how many votes would be needed to pass a law

To address the concerns of the big states, the Constitution included...
a) a House of Representatives, where representation was determined by population.
b) a Senate, where all states have equal representation.

One problem under the AOC was that there was no one to carry out laws. The Constitution fixed this by adding
a) an executive branch
b) a legislative branch
c) a judicial branch

The legislature under the AOC was....
a) unicameral
b) bicameral

Big states objected to the AOC because....
a) all states got 1 vote, regardless of population.
b) they had too many representatives.

One example of the weakness of the Articles of Confederation was:
a) there were insufficient funds to create an effective military.
b) there was no Congress to make laws.
c) the states did not have enough power.

One success of the AOC was the....
a) Northwest Ordinance
b) 3/5 Compromise
c) Great Compromise
d) Stamp Act

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