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The organization and jurisdiction of federal courts are derived from the -
a) Declaration of Rights
b) Bill of Rights
c) Supreme Court
d) the United States Constitution

The only federal court to have juries is the -
a) United States Supreme Court
b) United States District Court
c) United States Circuit Court
d) United States Military Court

Original jurisdiction allows courts to -
a) hear only cases involving the military
b) hear cases from lower courts
c) hear cases for the first time
d) issue summons and set bail

What type of jurisdiction does the United States District Court have?
a) Limited originial and appellate
b) Judicial review
c) Appellate
d) Original

The United States Court of Appeals can review cases from the -
a) United States District Court
b) United States Supreme Court
c) United States Maritime Court
d) United States Ciricuit Court

In which court is the decisions of the court always final?
a) Virginia Circuit Court
b) United States court of Appeals
c) United States Supreme Court
d) Virginia General District Court

'Man Accused of Trespassing; Charges with a Misdemeanor!' Which court in Virginia has original jurisdiction in this case?
a) General District Court
b) Circuit Court
c) Small Claims Court
d) Court of Appeals

Which court hears cases involving family issues and anyone under the age of 18?
a) Circuit Court
b) General District Court
c) Court of Appeals
d) Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court

Jimmy Coles was found guilty of a felony in circuit court. Since his rights were violated, he decided to apepal his case. What court would Mr. Cole go to?
a) Virginia Supreme Court
b) General District Court
c) Court of Appeals of Virginia
d) Juvenile Court

The court of final appeals in Virginia is the -
a) Virginia Supreme Court
b) Virginia Final Court
c) Court of Appeals of Virginia
d) Circuit Court

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