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Which of the following is an example of technology?
a) mass
b) none of the answers
c) screwdriver
d) physical science

A ___ is a summary of many experimental results and observations.
a) theory
b) test
c) hypothesis
d) scientific law

Technology ___.
a) is sometimes called applied science
b) all of the anwers
c) can refer to objects used to accomplish tasks
d) applies scientific understanding to solve problems

___ can help scientists to predict an observation that they might make in the future.
a) Data
b) Matter
c) Energy
d) Theories

After forming a hypothesis, you should ___.
a) test your hypothesis
b) ask a question
c) analyze the results
d) draw conclusions

Scientists usually state ___ in an If then format.
a) laws
b) theories
c) predictions
d) conclusions

During the tests of Proteus, engineers changed only the flapping rate. The flapping rate is an example of a ___.
a) variable
b) standard
c) controlled factor
d) control group

A controlled experiment involves ___.
a) a control group, an experimental group, and a standard
b) a control group, an experimental group, and a variable
c) a controlled factor, a standard, and a variable
d) an experimental group, a standard, and a variable

Scientific knowledge changes and grows due to ___.
a) asking new questions and reexamining old ones
b) the use of new technologies.
c) the discovery of new information
d) all of the answers

Xavier recorded his ___ of the temperature of the salt solution.
a) hypothesis
b) observation
c) scientific method
d) none of the answers

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