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Keelan loaned money to a friend. After several attempts to get his money back, Keelan decided to take this friend to court. What type of case is this?
a) A criminal case
b) A felony case
c) A misdemenor case
d) A civil case

Probable cause is reviewed during the -
a) sentencing
b) arraignment
c) appeal
d) trial

A type of crime that is punishable by more than a year in jail is called -
a) a felony
b) an offense
c) a misdemeanor
d) an arraignment

In a criminal procedure, which of these are required for an arrest?
a) Sentencing
b) Arraignment
c) Guilty verdict
d) Probable cause

Which is a characteristice of a criminal case but NOT a civil case?
a) May be tried by a jury
b) Deals with breaking a law
c) May award damages
d) Verdict can be appealed

All Virginians must be given a fair trial no matter their race, religion, age, or gender. This right is protected by the -
a) Preamble to the U.S. Constitution
b) Declaration of Indpendence
c) Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
d) Articles of Confederation

Life, liberty, and property are items protected by -
a) due process
b) free speech
c) freedom of religion
d) the right to assemble

What is due process?
a) A legal procedure that ensures a large recovery for someone injured in an accident
b) The part of the Bill of Rights that guarantees legal representation to anyone accused of a crime
c) The constitutional protection against unfair governmental actions and laws
d) The constitutional protection against unfair actions by individuals

Which of the following is an example of a right that helps ensure due process?
a) Right to own guns
b) Right to confront witnesses
c) Right to gather peacefully
d) Right to express yourself

The __ Amendment prohibits the state from treating people unfairly.
a) 1st
b) 5th
c) 10th
d) 14th

Due process -
a) allow people to gather peacefully
b) allow Congress to tax income
c) is protected by the 1st Amendment
d) has been extended to protect the guarantees of the Bill of Rights

In the United States, an accused person is presumed innocent until -
a) evidence against him/her has been discovered
b) eyewitnesses testify against him/her in a court of law
c) he/she is proven guilty in a court of law
d) police obtain an arrest warrant from a court

Julia Daniels allowed a friend to borrow some money. Her friend has not paid her back and now she is planning on taking this friend to court. What is the FIRST t hing that Ms. Daniels should do?
a) File a complaint
b) Call the police
c) Ask for an appeal
d) Visit the magistrate

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