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The process by which organ systems maintain a relatively constant internal environment is called
a) circulation.
b) organization.
c) homeostasis.
d) teamwork.

Which system coordinates the body's response to changes in its internal and external environments?
a) lymphatic system
b) nervous system
c) excretory system
d) reproductive system

Which division(s) of the peripheral nervous system transmit(s) impulses from sense organs to the central nervous system?
a) sensory division
b) motor division
c) sensory and motor division
d) spinal cord division

What is the function of the central nervous system?
a) to relay messages
b) to process information
c) to analyze information
d) all of the above

A group of similar cells that perform a single function is called a(an)
a) nerve
b) organ
c) tissue
d) organ system

Which of the following is NOT a function of bones in the human skeletal system?
a) storing minerals
b) regulating body temperature
c) moving body parts
d) protecting organs

Which of the following provides support for the body, attachment sites for muscles, and protection for internal organs?
a) skin
b) spinal cord
c) skeleton
d) joints

The main function of the skull is to
a) produce blood cells.
b) protect the heart and lungs .
c) protect the brain.
d) act like a lever for muscle

The periosteum is a
a) place for storing fat cells.
b) locations for red blood cell production.
c) tough layer of connective tissue surrounding a bone.
d) latticework structure that adds strength of the bone.

Of what is the skeleton of an embryo mainly composed?
a) bone
b) cartilage
c) bone marrow
d) growth plates

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