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Drilling creates vertical holes in a work piece, while milling creates only horizontal lines.
a) False
b) True

___________ casting is an efficient process for the mass production of small parts.
a) Die
b) Sand

Division of labor means that one worker would now have to divide his or her time between a number of tasks.
a) False
b) True

Which of the following is NOT an example of automation?
a) One human worker performing the tasks formerly done by 3 human workers.
b) A sensor that detects parts of the wrong size
c) The use of a robotic arm to place raw material in a CNC lathe
d) An HMI

A manufacturer has been asked to produce 100 customized metal discs with a particular pattern engraved on the.m. Which production process should be selected?
a) job shop production
b) mass production
c) process production
d) project production

Which of the following jobs requires the most training prior to starting the job?
a) Industrial Engineers
b) Production Planners
c) CNC Machine Operators
d) Assembly Workers

Which manufacturing process would be most suitable for the manufacture of one million plastic bottles?
a) blow molding
b) spinning
c) sand casting
d) extrusion

Which of the following are advantages of computer simulation modeling?
a) It allows for testing a model of the factory in a range of potential scenarios.
b) Future demand for a product can be predicted.
c) Off-the-shelf simulations packages enable the creation of complex models within minutes.

Which of the following is not true about manufacturing employment in the US?
a) The number of people employed in the sector has risen dramatically
b) The number of people employed in the sector has dropped in the last 10 years.
c) Manufacturing jobs today require higher skills than in the past.
d) There is a high demand for skilled manufacturing workers.

A company that manufactures pens has decided to manufacture ink for itself. It is following a __________ strategy.
a) vertical integration
b) horizontal integration
c) compartmentalized design
d) contract manufacturing

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