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Scientists propose ___ that can be ___ by examining evidence.
a) explanations/tested
b) data/tested
c) observations/proven
d) explanations/tested

The set of skills or steps that scientists use to answer questions is the ___.
a) scientific method
b) hypothesis
c) control group
d) variable

In today's world, scientists form a global community. This means that ___.
a) scientists live in a single country
b) scientists work on the same topic
c) each scientist works in isolation
d) scientists share their results with other scientists

Science deals only with the _____.
a) planet Mars
b) student
c) natural world
d) solar system

In a controlled experiment ___.
a) control group is compared with one or more experimental groups
b) there are at least two variables
c) all factors should be different
d) a variable is not needed

In a ___ only one variable is changed at a time.
a) controlled experiment
b) theories
c) hypothesis
d) data

A scientist who wants to study the possible side affects of a new medicine would probably ___.
a) give each experimental group the same dose of medicine
b) simply ask the subjects about the medicine's affects
c) include a control group that received no medicine
d) use different numbers of subjects in each treatment group.

A hypothesis must be stated in a way that makes it __________.
a) incorrect
b) illogical
c) testable
d) a theory

A set of related hypotheses that are supported by evidence may become accepted as a ___.
a) hypothesis
b) theory
c) prediction
d) controlled group

Scientists often use experiments to test their ___, which are possible explanations for observations.
a) hypotheses
b) predictions
c) theory
d) control group

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