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A doctor who treats and diagnoses diseases and disorders of the feet is
a) podiatrist
b) orthopedic specialist
c) osteopath
d) chiropractor

A medical specialist who treats skin diseases is
a) dermatologist
b) gynecologist
c) cardiologist
d) proctologist

a medical specialist who treats diseases and disorders of the lungs is called
a) pulmonologist
b) oncologist
c) neurologist
d) proctologist

A medical specialist who treats diseases and disorders of children is
a) pediatrician
b) neonatologist
c) obstetrician
d) urologist

A cardiologist specializes in diseases and disorders of the
a) heart
b) stomach
c) lungs
d) brain

Individuals who use X-rays, radiation, nuclear medicine, and ultrasound to diagnose and treat disease are
a) radiologic technologists
b) orthopedic specialists
c) cytologists
d) phlebotomists

Which of the follosing vision service workers can perform eye surgery and treat diseases?
a) ophthalmologist
b) optometric technician
c) optician
d) optometrist

Oncologists treat patients with
a) cancer
b) bone or joint injuries
c) diabetes
d) pregnancy

A specialist in drawing blood samples for medical studies
a) phlebotomist
b) anesthesiologist
c) hematologist
d) histologist

A doctor who specializes in problems associated with the aging process
a) gerontologist
b) dermatologist
c) psychiatrist
d) family practitioner

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