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Hosted Exchange service is a suite of what three components and what do the components include?
a) Exchange – is email, calendaring, contacts, and task management
b) Outlook Desktop Client is included in Standard
c) Outlook Desktop Client is included in Premium
d) Outlook Desktop Client is optional for Standard

A good use of a Resource mailbox is to ______?
a) Use to reserve equipment or meeting space
b) Create a mailbox for a email user

Which component of Hosted Exchange is specifically designed for information sharing and document collaboration?
a) SharePoint
b) Exchange
c) Encrypton and privacy
d) Archiving and compliance

What is the requirement for any Hosted Exchange customer?
a) Web Hosting is required in order to find their server
b) A Domain Name
c) c. A Business Web page

Bling Bling Designs is a small store front and would like to start a web based business. They currently have 15 different products with bling and would like to have a page for each product and display up to 100 items on each page. They also hav
a) Starter
b) Advanced
c) Premier
d) Webmaster

We work in a group, and want our customers to send email to and receive email from the group. What do I need?
a) Shared Mailboxes
b) Mailbox Delegation
c) Deleted Item Recovery
d) Global Address List

Sometimes I need my assistant to send emails on my behalf.
a) Shared Mailboxes
b) Mailbox Delegation
c) Deleted Item Recovery
d) Global Address List

I often need to access my contacts from my phone.
a) Shared Mailboxes
b) mailbox Delegation
c) Deleted Items Recovery
d) Global Address List

What is the advantage of subscribing to the Active Directory Sync feature?
a) Active directory network passwords are synced to the Hosted Exchange Active Directory server matching user’s therefore one
b) Need distractor
c) need distractor

Which of the following statement is true about Hosted Exchange?
a) a cloud-based messaging and collaboration service
b) need distractor
c) need distractor

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