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la rodilla
a) the knee
b) the toe
c) the cheek
d) the skin

estar resfriado
a) to have a cold
b) to sneeze
c) to quit, stop, go away
d) to get a sunburn

la curita
a) the band-aid
b) the ear
c) the elbow
d) the cough syrup

el muslo
a) the thigh
b) the brain
c) the ankle
d) the cramp

la garganta
a) the throat
b) the fingernail
c) the bone
d) the wrist

los labios
a) the lips
b) the lungs
c) the toes
d) the cheeks

a) to get hurt
b) to bandage oneself
c) to get burned
d) to catch a cold

a) swollen
b) broken
c) infected
d) twisted

las pastillas
a) the pills
b) the toes
c) the ears
d) the eyebrows

a) to break (a bone)
b) to twist, sprain
c) to fall down
d) to cut oneself

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