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Which of the following would be an example of a polygenic trait?
a) Widow's Peak
b) Skin tone
c) Hitchhiker's Thumb
d) Innie Belly Button

If an organism is both sessile and heterotrophic, it is most likely...
a) Archeabacteria
b) Animalia
c) Plantae
d) Fungi

When organisms on one side of a polygenic bell curve are favored over the other, it is what type of selection?
a) Directional
b) Stabilizing
c) Artificial
d) Disruptive

Our closest relative in the animal kingdom is:
a) Gorillas
b) Chimpanzees
c) Dolphins
d) Pigs

All scientific names are written in what language?
a) Latin
b) English
c) German
d) 'Murrican

Which of the following statements about classification is not true?
a) Organisms are classified as sessile if they are anchored to the ground and cannot move around.
b) Eukaryotes do not have a nucleus.
c) Autotrophs are organisms that can produce their own energy.
d) Only the bacterial kingdoms are prokaryotic.

Which of the following would NOT be classified as an adaptation?
a) Some crabs are born with larger claws to catch bigger food.
b) Turtles are born with larger heads that they cannot pull into their shell.
c) Fish can be born with larger fins to help them swim faster.
d) Some rabbits are born with fur that better blends in to their environments.

Which of the following groups would be the smallest and most specific?
a) Phylum
b) Class
c) Genus
d) Family

If there are 12 green frogs, 1 red frog, and 3 purple frogs in a population, what is the relative frequency of purple frogs?
a) 3/16
b) 3/13
c) 13/3
d) 16/3

If a population produces fertile offspring, what can be deduced?
a) they are a different species
b) they are devolving
c) they are of seperate lineage and gene pool
d) they are the same species

Embryo can be defined as...
a) late stage of development after creature gives birth
b) early stage of development after sperm fertilizes egg
c) early stage of development after egg fertilizes sperm
d) nonexistant

Charles Darwin....
a) created the laws of physics
b) discovered many important facts of atoms
c) created the theory of evolution
d) never existed

What islands were involved heavily in the creation of the evolution theory?
a) galapalagos islands
b) phillipine islands
c) hawaii
d) finnish island

Common descent is a belief that says...
a) organisms never share ancestors
b) all organisms evolved from the same creature
c) organisms do not adapt, they learn
d) organisms evolved from a set of ancestors

What purpose do adaptations serve?
a) increases an organism's fitness
b) decreases an organism's fitness
c) increases an organism's hunger
d) decreases an organism's hunger

Polygenic traits are...
a) individual traits controlled by one gene
b) traits that you either have, or you don't.
c) many traits controlled by the same gene
d) traits controlled by several genes at once

Gene pools can be classified as...
a) all the different gametes in a population
b) the individual alleles of a population
c) all of the different alleles in a population
d) the individual gametes of a population

Which kingdom of life contains cell walls?
a) plantae
b) eubacteria
c) fungi
d) all of the above

Which is the only kingdom of life that NEVER has a cell wall around its cells?
a) plantae
b) animalia
c) fungi
d) eubacteria

Scientific names must always be:
a) Underlined
b) In Latin
c) Two names
d) All of the above

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