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All animals appear very similar in their ______ stage, which is proof of a common descent.
a) Embryo
b) Gamete
c) Zygote
d) Homology

All of the different alleles we see in a certain population are known as...
a) Genetic Drift
b) Homologies
c) Founder Effects
d) Gene Pool

Common Descent means that...
a) No two organisms on Earth are related.
b) All organisms on Earth share an ancestor a long time ago.
c) Darwin was wrong.
d) We cannot tell what organisms are related by looking at their history.

The ability of an organism to survive and reproduce is its...
a) Fitness
b) Adaptation
c) Homology
d) Taxonomy

a) Must be heritable in future generations
b) Are always seen in every individual of a population
c) Decrease an organism's lifespan
d) Makes an individual less likely to breed.

Any inherited characteristic that increases an organism's fitness is called...
a) Homology
b) Taxonomy
c) Embryo
d) Adaptation

This man is famous for his theory of evolution.
a) Gregor Mendel
b) Thomas Watson
c) Charles Darwin
d) Robert Hooke

Charles Darwin made many important discoveries about evolution at this location.
a) Galapagos Islands
b) England
c) Japan
d) Bahamas

If a trait is controlled by more than one gene, it is said to be...
a) Single Gene
b) Polygenic
c) Homologous
d) Embryonic

Which of the following is a true statement about evolution?
a) Alleles that increase fitness will increase in frequency.
b) Alleles that increase fitness will decrease in frequency.
c) The frequency of an allele has nothing to do with fitness.
d) Alleles that decrease fitness will increase in frequency over time.

We call the science of classifying organisms into groups as...
a) taxonomy
b) tax returns
c) taxidermy
d) trigonometry

Which level of organization contains the largest, most broad groups?
a) domain
b) phylum
c) class
d) genus

Which scientific name is written correctly?
a) homo sapien
b) Homo Sapien (underlined)
c) Homo sapien (underlined)
d) homo sapien (underlined)

Which is NOT a kingdom of life?
a) plantae
b) protista
c) archaebacteria
d) mammalia

Which of the following kingdoms of life contain prokaryotes?
a) protista
b) eubacteria
c) fungi
d) animalia

When comparing two populations, which statement indicates that they are the same species?
a) they inhabit the same area
b) they produce fertile offspring
c) they consume the same type of diet
d) they are similar in appearance

What type pf natural selection favors the phenotypes at both extremes and eliminates average/intermediate phenotypes?
a) directional selection
b) random selection
c) disruptive selection
d) stabilizing selection

What are the similarities between organisms that we use to classify them into groups?
a) vitologies
b) taxonomies
c) genealogies
d) homologies

Darwin studied the beaks of birds and concluded that you could tell what from it?
a) where it lives
b) who it is related to
c) what it eats
d) All of the above

Which of the following is the correct order from largest group to smallest?
a) species, genus, family, order
b) phylum, class, order, family
c) kingdom, domain, phylum, class
d) kingdom, class, phylum, order

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