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Earth’s atmosphere pushes on Earth’s surface. Which of the following is a measure of the force with which air molecules push on a surface?
a) air pressure
b) temperature
c) precipitation
d) relative humidity

Altitude and air pressure are related. As altitude increases, what happens to air pressure?
a) It increases.
b) It decreases.
c) It becomes zero.
d) It stays the same.

One measure of weather includes the maximum distance at which large objects can be seen and identified with the unaided eye. What does this describe?
a) visibility
b) wind speed
c) air pressure
d) temperature

A thermometer measures how hot or cold the air is. What does a thermometer measure?
a) humidity
b) air pressure
c) temperature
d) precipitation

In recording data, it is important to use the proper unit. Which unit is used to measure how warm or cool the air is?
a) liters (L)
b) grams (g)
c) millimeters (mm)
d) degrees Celsius (°C)

Zuri is a meteorologist. She is using a barometer. What feature of weather is Zuri studying with a barometer?
a) humidity
b) wind speed
c) temperature
d) air pressure

Which type of cloud is generally flat, blocks out the sun, and can produce a steady rain?
a) stratus
b) cumulus
c) cirrus
d) cumulonimbus

Nasir is a meteorologist. He is using an anemometer. What is Nasir studying?
a) humidity
b) wind speed
c) temperature
d) air pressure

On most days, a warm air mass is situated over Florida. Which statement is true about this air mass?
a) This air mass is a small body of air.
b) This air mass has a wide temperature range.
c) The moisture is the same throughout this air mass.
d) The weather will not be affected by this air mass.

An air mass takes on temperature and moisture characteristics of the land or water beneath it. What kind of air mass forms over tropical waters that have been heated by the sun?
a) cool and moist
b) hot and very dry
c) warm and moist
d) cold and dry

What is a front?
a) a region where there are severe thunderstorms
b) an area where a tropical storm is likely to form
c) a boundary between two air masses with the same temperature
d) a boundary between two air masses with different densities and usually different temperatures

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