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An important piece of information for meteorologists is the ratio of the amount of water vapor in the air to the amount of water vapor needed to reach saturation at a given temperature. What is this piece of information called?
a) wind speed
b) air pressure
c) wind direction
d) relative humidity

Between what two latitudes is the temperate zone in the Southern Hemisphere?
a) between 0° and 30°S
b) between 0° and 30°N
c) between 30°S and 60°S
d) higher than 60°S

Mountains can change the distribution of precipitation because of the rain-shadow effect. Why does it rain more on the windward side of a mountain than on the leeward side?
a) The air on the leeward side of a mountain is moister, which leads to greater amounts of precipitation.
b) The air on the windward side of a mountain can hold less moisture than the air on the leeward side.
c) Warm air cools and condenses as it moves up the windward side of a mountain, forming clouds and precipitation.
d) Water evaporates quickly from the surface on the windward side of the mountain and returns as precipitation.

Elevation is the measure of how high something is above a reference point. What is the most common reference point used to refer to the elevation of natural landforms?
a) sea level
b) lake level
c) land level
d) river level

How does the sun’s energy MOST DIRECTLY influence precipitation in an area?
a) The sun’s energy drives the water cycle, which determines precipitation.
b) The sun’s energy creates surface currents in oceans that bring precipitation to different areas.
c) The sun’s energy controls the amount of condensation and therefore precipitation.
d) The sun’s energy powers the water cycle by causing runoff, which leads to precipitation.

Which of the following processes in the water cycle is most directly caused by water absorbing energy from the sun?
a) condensation
b) evaporation
c) runoff
d) precipitation

What causes some areas of Earth to receive less intense solar energy than others?
a) the mass of Earth
b) the elevation of Earth
c) the curve of Earth
d) the density of Earth

Which best describes why latitudes closer to the equator have warmer climates?
a) Latitudes closer to the equator are at lower elevations than latitudes away from the equator.
b) Latitudes closer to the equator receive more solar energy than latitudes away from the equator.
c) Latitudes closer to the equator are nearer to ocean currents than latitudes away from the equator.
d) Latitudes closer to the equator get more wind carrying energy in the form of heat than latitudes away from the equator.

Many factors are used to determine the climate of an area. Which of the following are the two main factors that determine climate?
a) precipitation and humidity
b) temperature and air pressure
c) wind conditions and humidity
d) temperature and precipitation

Antonio needs to find the latitude of his community to help him determine how latitude affects the climate where he lives. To find the latitude of his community, what should he do?
a) find the distance of his community in degrees east or west of the equator
b) find the distance of his community in degrees north or south of the equator
c) find the distance of his community in degrees east or west of the prime meridian
d) find the distance of his community in degrees north or south of the prime meridian

In which form does water rise into the atmosphere when it evaporates?
a) water vapor
b) water droplets
c) snow
d) ice

Every day, water evaporates from Earth’s surface. However, Earth is unlikely to ever run out of water. Which statement best explains why Earth will not run out of water?
a) Water is constantly being recycled into different forms.
b) Water is created by plants as quickly as it is destroyed.
c) Water molecules are produced in Earth’s atmosphere
d) Water is released into the oceans by melting polar icecaps.

Which two processes change water into a gaseous state?
a) deposition and evaporation
b) condensation and deposition
c) evaporation and sublimation
d) sublimation and condensation

What is the correct term for the movement of water from the surface of Earth to the groundwater?
a) infiltration
b) precipitation
c) runoff
d) transpiration

Which of these answers is the best example of how the water cycle can transport energy?
a) a flooding river depositing silt on a floodplain
b) a warm ocean current warming the air above it
c) ocean water depositing sand particles on a shore
d) water seeping through the soil and dissolving salts

As water changes state, the water either absorbs or releases energy. Which of these answers is a process that releases energy?
a) snow melting
b) ice subliming
c) lake water freezing
d) ocean water evaporating

Water can be added to the atmosphere by evaporation, sublimation, or transpiration. Which of these answers lists the three processes in order from the process that adds the least water to the process that adds the most water?
a) evaporation, sublimation, transpiration
b) sublimation, transpiration, evaporation
c) sublimation, evaporation, transpiration
d) transpiration, sublimation, evaporation

What is the main role of plants in the water cycle?
a) They take in water from the air.
b) They store water in their stems and leaves.
c) They release water vapor into the air.
d) They provide a surface for condensation.

Which of these substances is a liquid form of precipitation?
a) hail
b) rain
c) sleet
d) snow

Which of the following is the best definition of precipitation?
a) liquid water found on Earth’s surface
b) any form of water present in Earth’s atmosphere
c) water that falls to Earth’s surface from clouds
d) water vapor that has formed liquid droplets in a cloud

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