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what is the synonym of shrewd?
a) smart
b) dumb
c) silly
d) sleepy

what is the antonym of scarce?
a) more than enough
b) not enough
c) a funny song
d) to skip

a) not normal
b) normal behavior that usually occura
c) very cool weather
d) typing

a) to rain heavily
b) to be overly kind
c) to harasss, torture or bother excessively
d) a very good candy

a) a type of musical instrument
b) a person has sole
c) a type of fish
d) the bottom of your foot or shoe

a) dumb
b) lacking knowledge
c) clever and smart
d) a type of animal

a) not enough for what is needed
b) to frighten somone or something
c) a type of scarecrow
d) to have too much

what has the same syllables as sole?
a) slipper
b) hippo
c) mole
d) puppy

is torment a compound word?
a) maybe
b) yes
c) ummmm
d) no

typical has how many syllables?
a) 3
b) 2
c) 1
d) 4

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