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You are a rich farmer in a small country, and part of the national government. You are part of a small group of wealthy landowning families that holds all of the political power in your nation. What form of government is this
a) Autocratic
b) Oligarchic
c) Presidential Democracy
d) Parliamentary Democracy

Mexico and Brazil have this form of government where one person is the nation's chief executive and head of state. What form of government is this?
a) Autocracy
b) Oligarchy
c) Presidential Democracy
d) Parliamentary Democracy

Cuba does not permit freedom of choice in elections and only the Communist Party is permitted. Cuba has a dictatorship in which power is held by one central authority. What type of government would Cuba be classified as?
a) Unitary
b) Federal
c) Confederation
d) Oligarchy

The leader of the Parliament in countries such as Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom is called the
a) President
b) Chairman
c) Speaker
d) Prime Minister

What group of nations contains a nation that DOES NOT have a federal government?
a) Germany, United Kingdom
b) Cuba, Russia
c) Mexico, Brazil
d) Canada, Australia

Two countries believe that it would be better to work together in a group to provide for their people. What form of government is this
a) Unitary
b) Confederation
c) Federal
d) Autocratic

Cuba has a autocratic government in which the ruler has absolute power and is not restricted by a constitution, laws, or the citizens. Name the type of government.
a) Federal Republic
b) Dictatorship
c) Parliamentary Democracy
d) Presidential Democracy

A single government operates all levels of government. It can be either one person or a centralized government. What form of government is this?
a) Unitary
b) Confederation
c) Federal
d) Autocratic

A government power is divided between one central and several regional or state authorities. Name the form of government
a) Unitary
b) Confederation
c) Federal
d) Autocratic

REVIEW QUESTION: What do the religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam have in common?
a) All three religions have their holy day on Sunday
b) All three religions worship in a church
c) All three religions are polytheistic
d) All three religions are monotheistic

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