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A change of matter in size, shape, or state without any change in identity.
a) Physical Change
b) Chemical Change
c) Radiation
d) Kinetic

a push or pull exerted by one object on another, causing a change in motion.
a) Force
b) Speed
c) Mass
d) Acceleration

how fast an object’s position changes with time at any given moment. Distance ÷ Time.
a) Speed
b) Distance Graph
c) Friction
d) Inertia

A force that opposes the motion of one object moving past another.
a) Friction
b) Speed
c) Inertia
d) Kinetic Energy

The tendency of an object to stay in motion or stay still.
a) Inertia
b) Mass
c) Velocity
d) Speed

The force of gravity between Earth and an object. 
a) weight
b) gravity
c) speed
d) inertia

a form of matter that has a definite shape and takes up a definite amount of space
a) solid
b) liquid
c) gas
d) plasma

A form of matter that does not take up a definite amount of space and has no definite shape.
a) gas
b) liquid
c) solid
d) plasma

A form of matter that takes up a definite amount of space and has no definite shape. 
a) liquid
b) gas
c) solid
d) plasma

A characteristic of matter that can be observed, such as mass, volume, weight, or density
a) property
b) mass
c) inertia
d) potential energy

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