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This drives evolution since it can produce variation.
a) Mutation
b) Adaptation
c) Extinction
d) Cloning

This Era is said to be the age of reptiles
a) Mesozoic
b) Cenozoic
c) Paleozoic
d) PreCambrian time

????? of a species occurs when the environment changes and the adaptive characteristics of a species are insufficient for its survival.
a) Mutation
b) Adaptation
c) Extinction
d) None of these answers

Independent lines of evidence from geology, fossils, and provide the bases for the theory of evolution.
a) comparative anatomy
b) Dr. Oz
c) geography
d) all other answers

Amphibians and Reptiles appeared during the
a) Cenozoic Era
b) Paleozoic Era
c) Mesozoic Era
d) Precambrian time

Mammals first appeared during the
a) Cenozoic Era
b) Paleozoic Era
c) Mesozoic Era
d) Precambrian

Used to determine relative age
a) the law of superposition
b) radiometric (carbon) age
c) uniformitarianism
d) igneous rock

The rock cycle includes the formation of new sediment and rocks and that are often found in layers, with the oldest generally on the ?????.
a) top
b) bottom
c) igneous rock
d) all other answers

SImple, multicellular organisms like jellies and sponges evolved during
a) the cenozoic era
b) the mesozoic era
c) precambrian time
d) the paleozoic era

Earth has been around for about ____years.
a) 3.5 billion
b) 4 million
c) 4.6 billion
d) all other answers

Absolute ages of rocks and fossils can be found using
a) relative age
b) radiometric (carbon) dating
c) the law of superposition
d) None of these answers

The first vertebrates to evolve were
a) sharks
b) lizards
c) jawless fish
d) none of these

Movements of Earth's continental and oceanic plates through time, with associated changes in climate and geographic connections, have affected the past and present ...
a) distribution of organisms
b) nothing
c) extinction of all organisms
d) all other answers

The first forms of life on earth were
a) photosynthesis
b) single celled
c) multicellular
d) plants

Evidence from rocks allows us to understand the ????? of life on Earth.
a) uniformity
b) rotation
c) evolution
d) all other answers

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