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The Treaty of _______ negotiated Russia's exit from WWI.
a) Brest-Litovsk
b) Versailles
c) Aix-La-Chapelle
d) Westphalia

Accepted the responsibility for WWI with the War Guilt Clause
a) Bulgaria
b) Russia
c) Serbia
d) Germany

World Organization designed to fix disputes/avoid future wars
a) League of Gentleman
b) League of Nations
c) League of Countries
d) United nations

President Wilson's proposals that were to correct the issues that caused WWI were known as:
a) Thirteen Points
b) Fourteen Points
c) Fifteen Points
d) Sixteen Points

This Treaty officially ended WWI.
a) Treaty of Westphalia
b) Treaty of Aix-La-Chapelle
c) Treaty of Versailles
d) Treaty of Brest-Litovsk

The Zimmerman Telegram promised ______ land back from the United States if they joined WWI on Germany's side.
a) Mexico
b) Nicaragua
c) Cuba
d) China

British ship sunk by submarines
a) U-boat
b) V-boat
c) Titanic
d) Lusitania

The leader of Russia during WWI was Czar ______
a) Nicholas II
b) Alexis Romanov
c) Franz Joseph
d) Franz Ferdinand

When WWI was bogged/slowed down on the Western Front
a) Stalemate
b) Cease-Fire
c) Armistice
d) Stoppage

a) V-boat
b) Airboat
c) U-boat
d) Steamboat

Archduke _____________ was heir to the Austrian Throne who was killed by a Serbian National
a) Franz Joseph
b) Franz Ferdinand
c) Nicholas Romanov
d) Alexis Romanov

The fighting going on in the Balkan Peninsula prior to WWI was known as the Balkan _____________.
a) Powder Keg
b) Land Mine
c) Wars
d) Wars of Succession

Also known as World War I
a) The Great War
b) The New War
c) The Deadly War
d) The Big War

The build up of a country's army and navy
a) arms race
b) naval race
c) militarism
d) none of the above

Alliance between Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy
a) Triple Alliance
b) Triple Entente
c) Central Powers
d) Allied Powers

Alliance between France, Great Britain, and Russia
a) Triple Entente
b) Triple Alliance
c) Central Powers
d) Allied Powers

Causes of World War I such as militarism, alliances, imperialism, and nationalism

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