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The Great Depression began because...
a) there were more jobs than people to work them and the use of cotton had declined
b) slavery had ended, there were no cloth companies, and cotton became limited
c) farms and factories had a surplus of goods and services, people lost jobs, and banks closed
d) there was a surplus of cotton, the boll weevil died off, and plantations closed down

How did families with little cash buy goods?
a) they bartered
b) they sold their land
c) they sold some of their slaves
d) they used their credit cards

Who was elected President in 1932?
a) Theodore Roosevelt
b) Franklin Roosevelt
c) Woodrow Wilson
d) Abraham Lincoln

Laisses-Faire means...
a) the right to vote
b) an irrigation system
c) to have an attitude of letting things take their own course, without interrupting
d) a long period of economic decline in America

What is the name given to the long period of time that began with the decline in the production of cotton and the crash of the stock market?
a) Laissex-Faire
b) Stock market crash
c) WWI
d) Great Depression

What describes the place where shares of ownership in corporations are bought and sold?
a) stock market
b) fresh market
c) stock exchange
d) super market

What type of economy does Georgia have?
a) political
b) democratic
c) industrial
d) agricultural

The first African American Pilot during WWI
a) Eugene J. Bullard
b) W. E. B. Dubois
c) Booker T. Washington
d) John Hope

The production of cotton was decreased because
a) slavery ended and there was no one to plant it
b) the boll weevil ate the buds
c) the great depression began
d) the factories stopped making cloth

When the US rejected Bullard, what country's military did he join?
a) Btrtian
b) Portugal
c) France
d) Mexico

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