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According to Henry Clay, what role did government have in encouraging economic growth?
a) building community housing
b) producing goods and services
c) funding transportation projects
d) owning stores and businesses

What was the setting of Washington Irving's American folktales?
a) western frontier
b) upstate New York
c) southern plantations
d) Boston, Massachsetts

As the United States developed its own national identity, which of these values did many Americans hold?
a) dominance
b) conformity
c) compassion
d) individualism

All of these characterize John Marshall's Supreme Court decisions in the early 1800 except
a) they promoted national economic growth
b) they reinforced the authority of business contracts
c) they increased the power of the federal government over states
d) they established the power of states over the federal government

Which was a major disagreement between John C. Calhoun and Daniel Webster?
a) the authority of the Supreme Court
b) the role of business in the economy
c) the rights of states to defy federal authority
d) the role of the executive branch of government

What was a goal of Henry Clay's American System?
a) to abolish slavery
b) to promote economic growth
c) to create a strong military force
d) to establish treaties with American Indians

Which of these was an obstacle to unity in the United States in the early 1800s?
a) few waterways
b) desert landscapes
c) poor transportation
d) unexplored wilderness

What marked what was known as the Era of Good Feelings?
a) a strong sense of national unity
b) a rapid increase in immigration
c) the elimination of political parties
d) the expansion of national alliances

In the early 1800s, where did most Americans live?
a) in the southern states
b) in the New England states
c) west of the Mississippi River
d) east of the Appalachian Mountains

Which of these men used America's growing importance in the world as a theme of his poetry?
a) Thomas Cole
b) Gilbert Stuart
c) John James Audubon
d) Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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