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Based on the states' rights theory of the Constitution, what does each state have the authority to do?
a) nullify federal law
b) choose the president
c) rewrite the Bill of Rights
d) increase the number of US senators

Why did most Republicans support the French Revolution?
a) They believed democracy was worth the fight
b) They admired the orderliness of the revolution
c) They admired the strength of the French monarchy
d) They believed the wealthy were best prepared to lead France

Republicans believed that the US economy should be based on
a) trade
b) business
c) agriculture
d) manufacturing

What did Alexander Hamilton believe was important for the United States to become a great nation?
a) a strong economy
b) agricultural growth
c) a partnership with France
d) powerful state governments

Which of these was a major issue dividing the Federalist and Republican parties?
a) how to divide the nation's wealth equally
b) how many terms a president should serve in office
c) how large and powerful the military should be
d) how large and powerful the federal government should be

All of these were part of President Washington's cabinet except the
a) Department of War
b) Department of State
c) Treasury Department
d) Education Department

What advice did President Washington give to American in his Farewell Address?
a) Pay taxes without complaint
b) Support the revolution in France
c) Do not address the president with royal titles
d) Do not let political potty loyalty divide the nation

What was the cause of the Whiskey Rebellion?
a) Farmers refused to pay taxes on whiskey
b) Farmers refused to use grain to produce whiskey
c) the government would not allow the trade of whiskey
d) the government made the production of whiskey illegal

What is an excise tax?
a) a tax on property
b) a tax on income earned
c) a tax on the production or sale of a product
d) a tax on money inherited or received as a gift

Which of these events led to the addition of the 12th Amendment to the Constitution?
a) the Whiskey Rebellion
b) the election of 1800
c) the Alien and Sedition Acts
d) the establishment of a national bank

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