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In Washington's Farewell Address, which term best describes President Washington's foreign policy?
a) aggression
b) isolationism
c) colonial expansion
d) alliance expansion

Which of these events challenged the foreign policy of President Adams?
a) attacks on US ships
b) refusal of France to pay loans
c) Spanish invasion of the country
d) British policies toward African Americans

What did the Jay Treaty accomplish in 1796?
a) The United States bought land from Spain.
b) The British agreed to support the French Revolution.
c) The United States reserved land for American Indians.
d) The British removed their troops front the Ohio Valley

Which slogan portrayed the US response to the XYZ Affair?
a) Free trade and sailor's right!
b) No taxation without representation!
c) Millions for defense, but not one cent for tribute!
d) First in war, first in peace, first in the hearts of his countrymen!

After going to war with each other, why did Great Britain and France seize US merchant ships?
a) They hoped to force the United States into the war.
b) They hoped the United States would become their ally.
c) They wanted the United States to pay a ransom for their ships.
d) They hoped to prevent the United stets from supplying their enemy.

Which event led to the policies established by the Monroe Doctrine?
a) the pirating of ships in North Africa
b) the competition for trade between countries
c) the wars between Great Britain and France
d) the independence movement in Latin America

What was a goal of the Monroe Doctrine?
a) The United States gained respect.
b) The United States went to war with France.
c) The United States allied with European nations.
d) The United States lost its image as a democratic leader.

Which symbol on the Great Seal represent peace?
a) the eagle
b) the arrows
c) the olive branch
d) the stars

Who advised President Monroe that the United States should boldly speak for itself on its policy in the Americas?
a) James Madison
b) Andrew Jackson
c) Thomas Jefferson
d) John Quincy Adams

All of these were results of the War of 1812 except
a) the power of the federalists decreased
b) national pride in the United States grew
c) American Indian resistance in the Northwest Territory weakened
d) the United States won the war

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