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Which of the following would NOT be an area of study in life science?
a) Studying how lions and hyenas interact
b) measuring the rate at which bacteria divide
c) comparing the reproduction of arctic plants with that of desert plants
d) Studying how volcanoes are formed

In which of the following areas of study might you find a life scientist at work?
a) discovering ways to improve computer-operated robots
b) studying how wasps would be used to contol fire ant populations
c) studying the relationship between El Nino and increased flooding
d) researching the path of comets and meteors in space

Many environmental problems are caused by
a) wildlife going berserk.
b) the sun's natural disintegration of our atmosphere.
c) earthquakes.
d) people's misuse and improper disposal of natural resources.

The first step in finding solutions to problems such as pollution, deforestation, and the extinction of wildlife is to
a) try as many experiments as possible until something works.
b) understand how we affect the world around us by making observations and asking questions.
c) create new species so we will not miss the old ones.
d) develop new technologies that will allow us to leave the planet and live someplace else.

The students from Le Sueur, Minnesota, discovered that about half the frogs they observed at a wildlife refuge were deformed. During their investigation, the students
a) continued to observe the frogs.
b) asked questions.
c) took measurements.
d) All of the answers

___ is the study of living things.
a) Earth Science
b) Physical Science
c) Life Science
d) Chemistry

Where do life scientists work?
a) laboratory
b) farms
c) ocean floor
d) all of the answers

What do life scientists study?
a) Any thing dealing with living things.
b) Anything dealing with earthquakes.
c) Anything dealing with weather.
d) None of the answers.

Who can be a life scientist?
a) No one can be a life scientist.
b) Anyone from any background can learn to be a life scientist.
c) Monkey's can be a life scientist.
d) Whale's can be a life scientist.

Which disease below were combated by a life science
a) Polio
c) Tuberculosis
d) all of the answer

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