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Al + FeCl ----- ??
a) Fe + AlCl
b) Fe + Al3Cl
c) Fe + AlCl3
d) No reaction

Ba + O2 --- ??
a) BaO2
b) BaO
c) Ba2O
d) OBa

HBr + NaOH = NaBr + H2 O
a) Combustion
b) Double replacement
c) Decomposition
d) Single replacement

H2O = H2 + O2
a) Combustion
b) Single replacement
c) Decomposition
d) Synthesis

Zn + HCl = ZnCl2 + H2
a) Single replacement
b) Double replacement
c) Synthesis
d) Combustion

Fe + S = FeS
a) Decomposition
b) Single replacement
c) Double replacement
d) Synthesis

CH4 + O2 = H2O +CO2
a) Double replacement
b) Single replacement
c) Combustion
d) Decomposition

HBr ---- ??
a) H + Br
b) H2 + Br
c) H2 + Br2
d) H + Br2

C4H8 + O2 --- ??
a) CO + H2
b) CO + H2O
c) CO2 + H2O
d) C + OH

MgCO3 + Na2S ----- ??
a) Na2CO3 + MgS
b) NaCO3 + MgS2
c) NaCO3 + Mg2S
d) Na2CO3 + MgS2

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