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How do you call a Mexican dish made of dough steamed or boiled in a leaf wrapper?
a) Tamal
b) Fajita
c) Taco
d) Jalapeño

How many different food stands does Mexico City have?
a) Two
b) One million
c) Twenty five hundred
d) One hundred thousand

What is the main ingredient in Mexican cuisine?
a) Tacos
b) Fajitas
c) Corn
d) Worms

How do you say 'Bon appetit' in Spanish?
a) Buen apetito
b) Buen provecho
c) Gracias
d) Buenos días

What is the base of the Mexican meal?
a) Tortillas
b) Tamales
c) Fajitas
d) Jalapeños

How do people call corn kernels in Mexico?
a) Kernelettes
b) Mazorcas
c) Elotes
d) Granadas

What is a 'jalapeño'?
a) A watermelon.
b) A kind of soft drink
c) A kind of hot pepper.
d) A kind of mild pepper.

How do Mexican call a kind of edible cactus?
a) Tamales
b) Cafeteras
c) Habaneros
d) Nopales

Japanese have Teriyaki, Americans have Ketchup and Mexicans have...
a) Marinara
b) Mustard
c) Mole
d) Mayonese

Which of these ones is a Mexican drink?
a) Pulque
b) Coca Cola
c) Tea
d) Milk

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