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Which document is a primary source concerning the American Revolution?
a) A videotape showing a reenactment of a battle
b) A journal of the events written by a Continental soldier
c) A social studies textbook
d) A published article written by a history teacher

What was a result of the French and Indian War that led directly to the American Revolution?
a) The British lost most of their colonies in the Americas
b) French colonies expanded west of the Appalachians
c) Native Americans were given land west of the Appalachians
d) England decided to make the American colonists help pay war debts

6. Which one of the following was a cause of the French and Indian War?
a) English colonists expanding West.
b) French colonists wanting oil.
c) Spanish colonists wanting to explore
d) Dutch colonists wanting new trade routes.

Which statement best describes the Boston Massacre?
a) A large group of British soldiers fired on a small group on innocent American colonists.
b) American colonists rounded up all the Native Americans who remained in Boston and had them executed
c) American colonists ambushed a group of British soldiers and killed them.
d) British soldiers fired into a rioting mob of colonists. Sons of Liberty used to event to promote hatred of British

The Albany Plan of Union Called for
a) Equal Voting Rights for all citizens
b) A Declaration of War on England
c) A joint colonial council for defense
d) Separation from England

Many American colonists believed the British tax laws were unfair because
a) Colonists lacked representation in Parliament
b) The British treasury had extra funds
c) Native American Indians were exempt from British tax laws
d) Taxes were higher in the colonies than in England

What was the purpose of the Declaration of Independence?
a) To establish a framework for government
b) To state the reasons for the colonies to separate from England
c) To express reasons for limiting immigration
d) To list arguments for women’s suffrage

The slogan “No Taxation without representation” reffered to taxes enacted by
a) Colonial legislators
b) Town meetings
c) The English Parliament
d) The First Continental Congress

Colonial boycotts of British goods before the Revolutionary War were effective measures because they
a) Reduced the profits of British Merchants
b) Lowered the prices of imported products
c) Left British troops short of supplies in the colonies
d) Allowed the Americans to start their own factories

Which set of events is in the proper order?
a) Boston Tea Party Declaration of Independence French and Indian War
b) French and Indian War Boston Tea Party Declaration of Independence
c) Declaration of Independence French and Indian War Boston Tea Party
d) French and Indian War Declaration of War Boston Tea Party

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