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Is the pronoun singular, indefinite, demonstrative, or plural? Should WE go to the store or not?
a) indefinite
b) demonstrative
c) plural
d) singular

Which pronoun is present in this sentence? One of the girls forgot their Chromebook in the class.
a) girls
b) Chromebook
c) their
d) of

Which plural pronoun is present in the sentence. What do they want to wear?
a) do
b) they
c) wear
d) to

Is the pronoun singular, plural, demonstrative, or indefinite. SOMEBODY gave the toy to Billy.
a) plural
b) indefinite
c) singular
d) demonstrative

Choose the pronoun in the following sentence. Which would you like to wear first?
a) wear
b) first
c) you
d) like

Which of the following is a singular pronoun?
a) yours
b) it
c) this
d) anything

Which of the following is a demonstrative pronoun?
a) she
b) we
c) those
d) our

Choose the sentence that uses an indefinite pronoun.
a) Each of the spaceships have people on board.
b) A guide took him through the forest to safety.
c) They're giving the dog a test for worms.
d) Nobody told Pat and me about the service project.

What is the personal pronoun in the sentence? She gave him the ticket to the party.
a) him
b) she
c) ticket
d) party

What is the pronoun in the sentence? People sometimes wear glasses with sunglasses over them.
a) glasses
b) people
c) wear
d) them

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