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Europe's seas and rivers played an important part in Europe's growth because they provided both protection and opportunities for
a) invading other lands
b) combining kingdoms
c) trading with nearby economies
d) converting distant groups to Catholicism

Which was a Germanic people who settled the area known today as France?
a) Angles
b) Celts
c) Franks
d) Saxons

Charlemagne was the first Frankish ruler to believe in what for all people?
a) education
b) equality
c) freedom
d) religion

Between A.D. 800 and 900, parts of Europe were invaded by Muslims, Magyars and
a) Vikings
b) Vandals
c) Finns
d) Gauls

In 1073, Pope Gregory VII issued a decree forbidding kings from appointing high ranking
a) church officials
b) military leaders
c) political officials
d) trade leaders

Under which system did landowning nobles govern and protect the people in return for services?
a) feudalism
b) mercantilism
c) protectionism
d) vassalism

Two important farming inventions of the Middle Ages that made turning over soil faster were the horse collar and
a) the windmill
b) crop rotation
c) the wheel plow.
d) the village mill.

Medieval knights followed rules called the code of
a) chivalry
b) the king
c) the knight
d) servitude

Who were the only people in medieval towns who were considered citizens
a) elders
b) males
c) nobles
d) serfs

What were apprentices in craft guilds given in return for their work?
a) gold coins
b) goods for trade
c) political positions
d) room and board

What contribution to the idea that poeple have rights and that the power of government should be limited?
a) Common Law
b) House of Commons
c) House of Parliament
d) Magna Carta

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