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When would a student need to PROCESS with a teacher?
a) When they don't participate in class.
b) When they get on the bus.
c) When they have been asked to go to the safe seat or buddy room.
d) When they want to talk about what they did over the weekend.

What is the purpose of PROCESSING?
a) Develop a adult and student partnership, trust to solve a problem and determine of the student is able to take ownership.
b) To get a lecture from a teacher.
c) To punish a student.
d) To persuade a student to make changes.

How will a teacher or adult know you are ready to process with them?
a) The student shouts at the adult to tell them they are ready to talk.
b) The bell rang and the student wants to go to their next class.
c) Tone of voice is appropriate and calm, body language is calm and student is ready to problem solve.
d) The student puts his/her head down to take a nap.

If the student is not ready to process what might the adult say?
a) That's fine. I'm sure you will never do that again.
b) That's it! Go to Mr. Parker's room.
c) That's okay, this is really difficult. I will let you continue to think about it and I'll check on you in a bit.

True or False: Processing is adults lecturing a student about what they did wrong!
a) True. That's what it feels like.
b) False. Processing should be working together to solve a problem and for the student to take ownership.

What is the first step in processing with a teacher or adult?
a) The student must develop a plan of action.
b) The student must take ownership for their actions. Ex. Admitting to talking while the teacher was giving instructions.
c) The student must explain their side of the story and why they were framed!
d) The student must scream at the teacher and run out of the room.

What are the responsibilities of the student while processing?
a) None.
b) To listen to the adult.
c) Take ownership for their actions, help identify the reason the problem is occurring, work WITH the teacher to solve the issue
d) Just to sit in the safe seat.

How long should processing take?
a) It should take at least an hour.
b) It can take several days.
c) Just a 10-15 minutes.
d) It depends on how long it take for the student and teacher to work together to solve the problem.

True or False: It is possible to process with a teacher/adult and not take responsibility for your actions.
a) True
b) False

When is a good time to process with a teacher?
a) When you are calm and ready to discuss what happened.
b) When you are so mad you could scream.
c) When you are really tiered and hungry and don't want to be bothered.
d) When you are super excited because your crush just asked you out!

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