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What are the only two required tags in an HTML5 web page?
a) HTML and Main
b) HTML and Body
d) DOCTYPE and title

What is the first tag that must appear at the top of every HTML5 web page?
a) Charset
d) H1

Which element serves as a container for all the visible content of a web page?
a) Head
b) Body
c) Main
d) H1

Which of the new HTML5 semantic elements serves as a container for the navigation menu?
a) menu
b) lead
c) body
d) nav

Which element is used to identify the main heading on a page
a) body
b) main
c) h1
d) h2

Which element is used to add an image to a page?
a) pic
b) img
c) ig
d) tag

This is the coding language that we are using in the class for webpages
a) English
b) Charset
d) Microsoft Word

Which of the following is NOT a folder that we created for our portfolios?
a) Images
b) Characters
c) Styles
d) Scripts

What is the p tag used for?
a) partial
b) picture
c) paragraph
d) pearson

What does the h2 tag mean?
a) 2nd heading
b) sub heading
c) html 2

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