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What is Value?
a) Text
b) Numbers
c) Formulas
d) Formatting

What is a workbook?
a) A document.
b) A File in Excel
c) A presentation.
d) A table.

What is a row?
a) A horizontal line of cells.
b) A vertical lline of cells.
c) The ribbon
d) Formatting

What is the purpose of the replace command?
a) The command that allows you to enter formulas.
b) The command that lets you change the way a document looks.
c) The command that allows you to search for text or data and replace it with new text or data.
d) The command used for spell check.

What is a group of cells that can be selected and is written as AA22:AA44?
a) Formula
b) Lavel
c) Value
d) Range

What is a label in Excel?
a) Numbers
b) Text
c) Symbols
d) Formulas

What is the pupose of the find command?
a) Allows you to search for certain text or a type of formatting in Excel.
b) The command used to copy and paste.
c) The command used for spell check.
d) The command used to change the font color.

What is a formula?
a) A special key on the keyboard.
b) The numeric keypad.
c) A numeric entry into a cell
d) A text entry into a cell.

What is a column?
a) A horizontal lines of cells.
b) A row.
c) A vertical line of cells
d) An empty cell.

What is a cell?
a) A box.
b) The intersection of a row and a column.
c) A row.
d) A column.

What is an active cell?
a) The cell that is currently cell.
b) A text entry in a cell.
c) A numeric entry in a cell
d) An Excel file.

What is a worksheet?
a) A page in a Workbook made up of rows and columns.
b) Homework.
c) The cell that is currently selected.
d) A range of cells.

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