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The source of the White Nile
a) Lake Tana
b) Lake Superior
c) Lake Victoria
d) The Red Sea

Where two or more streams or rivers meet at one place.
a) Intersection
b) meeting place
c) confluence
d) cataracts

Where the Blue and White Nile meet.
a) Cairo, Egypt
b) Khartoum, Sudan
c) Egypt
d) Ethiopia

Moisture in the atmosphere.
a) Water vapor
b) Condensation
c) precipitation
d) atmosphere

Water that is not absorbed into the soil and flows into rivers, streams, lakes, etc.
a) runoff
b) infiltration
c) evaporation
d) condensation

Process where vapor or gas turns into liquid.
a) evaporation
b) precipitation
c) condensation
d) runoff

Movement of water from the surface into the soil.
a) runoff
b) infiltration
c) condensation
d) precipitation

Source of the Blue Nile
a) Lake Victoria
b) Blue River
c) Lake Tana
d) Lake Tangayika

Process where liquid turns into vapor or gas.
a) precipitation
b) condensation
c) evaporation
d) infiltration

The area drained by a river and its tributaries.
a) flood zone
b) retention pond
c) river basin
d) flood watch

Using water to generate electricity.
a) Water cycle
b) flash floods
c) hydroelectric potential
d) perennial irrigation

The movement of water from Earth's surface to the atmosphere and back again.
a) River basin
b) water cycle
c) perennial irrigation
d) precipitation

Allows for year round watering of crops
a) hydroelectric potential
b) river basin
c) perennial irrigation
d) sprinkler systems

A dry riverbed that is filled by a sudden rainstorm.
a) wadi
b) cataract
c) reservoir
d) lake

Rapids or low waterfalls where the river drops over rock outcroppings.
a) wadis
b) extreme wadis
c) cataracts
d) confluences

The man made structure that created Lake Nasser.
a) Egyptian reservoir
b) Hoover Dam
c) Nasser wall
d) Aswan High Dam

A triangle shaped deposit of sand and sediment that occurs where a river flows into an ocean.
a) flood plain
b) delta
c) wadi
d) tributary

A climate that is hot all year with very little rainfall.
a) tropical
b) arid
c) hot
d) semi arid

The flat area around a river that is covered with sediment as a result of frequent flooding.
a) delta
b) flood plain
c) riverbed
d) wadi

The Nile flows from _______ to _________?
a) East, West
b) South, North
c) North, South
d) up, down

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