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What was an important Greek building; a temple to honor Athena, called?
a) Acropolis
b) Lyceum
c) Coliseum
d) Parthenon

What was most important to Sparta?
a) Military skills
b) Artistic ability
c) Debating skills
d) Ship building

How did the Olympic Games begin?
a) As a way to avoid military service
b) As a funeral service for a king
c) As punishment for captured enemies
d) As a religious festival to honor Zeus

Who was the main rival of Athens?
a) Carthage
b) Olympia
c) Sparta
d) Peloponnesia

The Greek epic poems the Iliad and Odyssey were supposedly written by
a) Homer
b) Plato
c) Aristotle
d) Symposium

Who could be a citizen of Athens?
a) Anyone who was born in Athens
b) Any male adult
c) Any male or female adult who had at least one Athenian parent
d) Any male adult who was not a slave and had two Athenian parents

What was the name of the group that voted to determine government policy in ancient Athens?
a) Assembly
b) Agora
c) Senate
d) Symposium

What was the ancient Greek word for city-state?
a) Agora
b) Acropolis
c) Ostrakon
d) Polis

Who was the Greeks’ chief god?
a) Hera
b) Poseidan
c) Zeus
d) Athena

What type of religious beliefs did the Greeks have?
a) Ancient Greeks were polytheistic
b) Ancient Greeks were monotheistic
c) Ancient Greeks were atheists
d) Ancient Greeks believed in everything

How did life differ in Athens and Sparta?
a) Athens was a center for the arts, but Spartan life centered around the army
b) Everyone votes in Athens, but in Sparta only the men were in charge of Sparta
c) Women held the highest positions in Athens, but men were in charge of Sparta
d) Sports were different Athens, but religion was the center of Sparta

Who was able to vote in Athens?
a) Only women were allowed to vote in Athens
b) Every person was allowed to vote in Athens
c) Only citizens or men having both a mother and a father from Athens , could vote
d) All men could vote in Athens

According to Greek legend, who created life on Earth?
a) Zeus and Hera
b) Apollo and Artemis
c) Gaia and Uranus
d) Athena and Ares

Myths tell stores of gods and goddesses. They may also explain something in nature.
a) True
b) False

What did Cronus do when his children were born?
a) He killed them.
b) He swallowed them.
c) He threw them in Tartarus
d) None of the above

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