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A galaxy is moving toward us. Astronomers studying the spectra would notice a shift toward the ____end of the color scpectrum.
a) Blue
b) Red
c) Orange
d) Yellow

A galaxy is moving away from us. Astronomers studying the spectra would notice a shift toward the ____end of the color scpectrum.
a) Red
b) Blue
c) Green
d) Yellow

The types of waves that can travel through space are called ____ waves.
a) Electromagnetic
b) Mechanical
c) Magical
d) Pretty

On the HR diagram, the trend for main sequence stars is -
a) the hotter the star is the brighter it is.
b) the hotter the star is, the dimmer it is.
c) the cooler the star is, the brighter it is.

The top of a wave is called the -
a) crest
b) trough
c) wavelength
d) amplitude

The distance between the crest of one wave and the crest of the next wave is called the -
a) wavelength
b) trough
c) crest
d) amplitude

Which of the following is NOT a galaxy shape?
a) Rectangular
b) Elliptical
c) Spiral
d) Irregular

Our star, the Sun, is a medium mass star. It will end its life as a -
a) white dwarf
b) supernova
c) neutron star
d) black hole

A star's light takes 125 years to travel from the star to our Earth. How far away is the star?
a) 125 light years
b) 125 trillion miles
c) 125 astronomical units
d) 125 years

If a star is 250 million light years away, the light we see in the sky tonight is how old?
a) 250 million years old
b) 250 years old
c) 25 years old
d) 250 trillion years old

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