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Which of the following is produced using raw materials?
a) oil
b) steel
c) uranium
d) iron

If an air mass moves into an area, what will probably happen?
a) Ocean levels will rise
b) weather will change
c) erosion will occur
d) pollution will increase

If a weather forecaster talks about a warm, humid front, what weather change might this mean?
a) The meeting of air masses might lead to a thunderstorm
b) The percentage of water vapor will be lower
c) Prevailing winds will be calm
d) A flood warning will be in effect

In a tundra climate, plant life includes
a) shrubs and cacti
b) evergreens or deciduous forests
c) topical plants will occus
d) mosses or no vegetation

Which phrase best describes a humid , temperate climate?
a) cool winters, warm summers, little rainfall
b) hot temperatures, lots of rain
c) hot and cold temperatures, little rain
d) cool winter, warm summers, ample rainfall

Which accurately lists biological resources?
a) oil and wind or poweer
b) fish and plants for people's diets
c) ores and timber for construction
d) gold, silver, and copper manufacturing

A boundary between two air masses
a) air mass
b) weather
c) humidity
d) front

What type of storm has stonger winds than a cyclone has?
a) hurricane
b) blizzard
c) typhoon
d) tornado

One way people harm the ocean is by
a) breeding marine life to improve fishing
b) creating ocean currents that affect climate
c) exploring marine life during diving expeditions
d) allowing waste materials to enter the oceans

What has most affected Africa's elephant population?
a) an increase in lion populations
b) stronger ecosystems that have overtaken elephant habitats
c) human activity that has destroyed elephant habitats
d) the capture of elephants for world zoos

What phrase best defines raw materials?
a) resources that never run out
b) resources that are limited
c) materials used to make products
d) living things

In what climate region is most of the eastern half of the United States?
a) humid equatorial
b) dry
c) humid temperature
d) humid cold

What is the Endangered Species Act?
a) a United States act that protects the habitats of endangered species
b) a United Nations act the protects elephants
c) a law that gives the United Nations the power to protect African species
d) an African law that imposes prison sentences for poaching

Which phrase best describes a tornado?
a) a type of cyclone with swirling winds and heavy rainfall
b) a heavy snowstorm with strong winds
c) a storm with rotating winds and driving rain
d) a type od cyclone with winds that can reach 300 miles per hour

One example of a biological resource is
a) iron
b) water
c) coal
d) fish

Many African animals are losing their natural habitits because
a) large cities are rapidly expanding
b) land is being used for farms and villages
c) they are migrating to hostile regions
d) people are hunting and killing them

What are marine protected areas?
a) ocean habitats that are overpopulated
b) ocean habitats that are hot
c) ocean habitats the can recover and grow if human impact is limited
d) ocean habitats that are trying to recover from extreme weather and its effects

What is the main way to help protect animals and plants?
a) city planning
b) storm prediction
c) habitat preservation
d) climate change

A large area of air that has the same temperaute and humidity
a) front
b) weather
c) humidity
d) air mass

The average condition of the atmosphere over a period of time is called?
a) climate
b) humidity
c) weather
d) precipitation

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