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When a sports property positions itself as entertainment, the concept of positioning challenge implies
a) an increase in potential audience, but also an increase in competition
b) a lower level of competition
c) an increase in potential audience, but also a decrease in competition
d) a decrease in potential audience, but also a decrease in competition

Jacob really enjoys playing fantasy baseball and spends hours every week online learning about players and playing games. This is an example of which unique characteristic of sports marketing?
a) experience-based relationships
b) an affinity advantange
c) a positioning advantage
d) intangibility

Creating, maintaining, and enhancing long-term relationships with individual customers as well as stakeholders for mutual benefit is
a) relationship marketing
b) sports marketing
c) experience marketing
d) affinity marketing

Marketing experts estimate it costs ________ times more to attract a new customer than it does to retain a current customer.
a) 6
b) 3
c) 9
d) 12

All of the following are external factors that influence sports marketing decisions except
a) target markets
b) competition
c) economy
d) technology

The ________ era was between 1900 and 1950 and is considered the infancy of the sports industry in the United States.
a) monopoly
b) experience
c) television
d) highlight

The ________ era was between 1950 and 1990 and is characterized by the explosive growth of the sports industry because sports could be viewed in homes.
a) television
b) experience
c) highlight
d) monopoly

The ________ era was between 1990 and 2010 and is characterized by the increased popularity of the Internet for accessing sports information.
a) highlight
b) experience
c) monopoly
d) television

During the ________ era fans had the technological capability to initiate contact with a sports brand and talk with each other through venues such as Facebook and Twitter.
a) experience
b) highlight
c) monopoly
d) television

The increase in investments in sports sponsorships is due to the following reasons except
a) increased level of sports media broadcasting
b) increased level of ad clutter
c) increased interest in spectator sports
d) increased interest in participatory sports

A major sporting event can have the most impact on a local community through
a) attendees spending money at local restaurants and hotels
b) television stations charging broadcast rights fees
c) signage posted around the stadium or sports complex
d) revenue generated by advertising the event on local radio stations

Jessica enjoys running and often participates in marathons. This would be an example of which customer-driven factor in the growth of sports and sports marketing?
a) increased interest in personal fitness
b) increased emphasis on leisure activties
c) increased interest in women's sports
d) introduction of new sports

In terms of the 5 P's of sports entertainment marketing, promotion focuses on
a) engaging customers
b) satisfying customers
c) serving customers
d) responding to customers

Strategies are
a) managerial decisions that affect the organization as a whole
b) decisions made in relation to the marketing mix elements
c) short-term decisions
d) decisions made in support of an organization's tactics

A statement of what an organization does, who it serves, and its goals is
a) an organization's mission
b) marketing strategy
c) the platform component of the 5 P's
d) the positioning statement

An organization's ________ is (are) attributes or characteristics that matter to stakeholders, employees, customers, and local communities, such as being family-friendly.
a) values
b) mission
c) positioning
d) marketing strategies

87) Decisions about the location of a sports product are referred to as ________ decisions.
a) place
b) positioning
c) profit
d) platform

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