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Which of the following was a group that would have been competing for land in the Ohio River Valley in the 1700s?.
a) Great Britain
b) Native Americans
c) The French
d) All

Who is responsible for turning around the British fortunes during the French and Indian War?
a) George Washington
b) William Pitt
c) George Braddock
d) Benjamin Franklin

What is a force that is made up of civilians trained as soldiers, but not part of the regular army?
a) Commandos
b) Brigade
c) Alliance
d) Militia

What was the name of the act that drew a settlement line along the Appalachian Mountains that intended to keep settlers from getting into war with Native Americans?
a) The Townshend Acts
b) The Intolerable Acts
c) The Proclamation of 1763
d) The Quartering Act

Which act required the colonists to house British troops that had been sent to help them in the French and Indian War?
a) The Intolerable Act
b) The Quartering Act
c) The Tea Act
d) The Townshend Act

Which of the following was a response acts and taxes by the British?
a) All
b) Protesting
c) Boycotting
d) Petitioning

What are Writs of Assistance?
a) Taxes on soldiers who protect the colonies
b) Taxes on goods brought into colonies
c) Orders that allow officials to make searches without saying what they were searching for
d) Orders to assist the king

Which of the following was a violent outbreak between protesting colonists and British soldiers?
a) The Boston Massacre
b) The Boston Tea Party
c) The Townshend Acts
d) Battle of Bunker Hill

What was the act that put a tax on many items such as molasses?
a) Stamp Act
b) Sugar Act
c) Quartering Act
d) Coersive Act

What is a monopoly?
a) A tax on all incoming goods
b) A tax on exports
c) A group of protestors
d) When a company has complete control of a product

What was the main problem the colonists had with British taxes?
a) They were imposed without consent
b) They were too high
c) They were too low
d) They did not believe in taxes

What was a very important food item to the colonists as well as most British citizens?
a) Coffee
b) Spices
c) Sugar
d) Tea

Who was a group of Americans that dumped tea off of ships in Boston Harbor dressed as Native Americans?
a) Sons of Liberty
b) Sons of Justice
c) Green Mountain Boys
d) Minutemen

How did the colonists respond to the Intolerable Acts?
a) They held a Continental Congress in Philadelphia and demanded that the acts be repealed
b) They declared war on Great Britain
c) They submitted the petition of lords
d) They signed the Declaration of Independence

The first shot of the American Revolution was fired at what location?
a) Boston
b) Philadelphia
c) Lexington
d) Trenton

What do you call someone who favored the idea of Independence?
a) Loyalist
b) Patriot
c) Trader
d) Sympathizer

What was the name of the petition sent to the King in hopes of ending the war and resolving the conflict?
a) The Olive Branch Petition
b) The Crisis
c) Common Sense
d) The Declaration of Independence

By and large, which side did enslaved African Americans and Native Americans favor?
a) The Americans
b) The British
c) Neither
d) All

Which battle showed that the British would not be easy to defeat but that the Americans would fight hard?
a) Bunker Hill
b) Quebec
c) Fort Ticonderoga
d) Fort Sumter

What was an important result of the battle of Fort Ticonderoga?
a) The Americans lost Canada
b) The Americans captured cannons that could be used on the British
c) The British surrendered the war
d) The French decided to support the Americans

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