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Projects funded by the government for public use
a) nativist
b) relief program
c) pension
d) public works

What was a major result of President Herbert Hoover’s use of the military to drive the Bonus Army out of the nation’s capital?
a) Army veterans widely approved President Hoover’s decision.
b) President Hoover’s reelection campaign was damaged.
c) Habeas corpus was suspended across the country.
d) The Supreme Court declared the action unconstitutional

Eleanor Roosevelt called attention to women's issues during the depression by
a) proposing legislation that guaranteed equal rights for women.
b) using her position to speak out for equal rights for women.
c) encouraging women workers to strike for better pay
d) encouraging the President to allow women to work in the CCC

What is the Stock Market?
a) When wealthy people help the poor
b) Conserving the natural resources
c) where they trade shares of a company
d) rejecting traditions

Who was president during the New Deal?
a) Roosevelt
b) Hoover
c) Lincoln
d) Taft

By 1932, what did most Americans think of President Hoover's efforts to end the Depression?
a) They thought he had acted slowly but effectively.
b) They thought he had given the government too much control over people's lives.
c) They thought he should have acted sooner and done more.
d) They thought he had acted quickly and effectively.

Who was president when the depression BEGAN?
a) Roosevelt
b) Hoover
c) Lincoln
d) Taft

Which best describes the Dust Bowl?
a) A large Bowl of dust from children's playgrounds
b) An era when tornadoes ripped trees up from farmlands
c) When people used dust to make food
d) A time when windstorms spread dust and sand across the Midwest

Which of the following were effects of the great depression?
a) Banks closed and there were plenty of jobs
b) immigrants were welcomes and jobs were given to women
c) people lost their jobs and poverty became common
d) their were plenty of jobs and immigrants were welcome

Which President created reforms called the New Deal?
a) Roosevelt
b) Clinton
c) Hoover
d) Lincoln

The primary purpose of the National Labor Relations Act of 1935 (Wagner Act) was to
a) allow factory owners to use court injunctions against workers
b) guarantee collective bargaining rights
c) establish the Social Security system
d) ban the use of strikes by unions

What was one economic consequence of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal?
a) Bank deregulation encouraged investment.
b) Major industries were nationalized.
c) Balanced budgets became the model for economic stability.
d) The role of the federal government in the economy expanded.

Which geographic area was most seriously affected by the Dust Bowl of the 1930s?
a) Atlantic Coastal Plain
b) Great Plains
c) Ohio River valley
d) Pacific Coast

In 1937, President Franklin D. Roosevelt sought to increase the number of Supreme Court justices because
a) some justices complained they were unable to handle the heavy caseload
b) some justices complained they were unable to handle the heavy caseload
c) the Court needed more minority representation
d) the Court had declared several New Deal programs unconstitutional

Why were Americans concerned with New Deal deficit spending?
a) the government was spending too much money
b) too many Americans were overspending
c) social programs mainly benefited the rich
d) President Franklin D. Roosevelt was ignoring the needs of the people

Inflation worries were created by New Deal deficit spending because the US was -
a) preparing to enter World War II
b) cutting taxes for the wealthy
c) lowering the price of farm products
d) trying to solve problems created by the Great Depression

How did the Tennessee Valley Authority improve the lives of people in rural areas of Southern states?
a) It provided electricity and flood control.
b) It created public buildings and roads.
c) It regulated barge traffic on the Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers.
d) It established environmental protections for the water quality of the Tennessee River.

Why were farmers forced to leave their homes during the Dust Bowl?
a) They had several years of destructive floods.
b) They could not use water on government land.
c) They were unable to get bank loans to buy land.
d) They no longer had good soil in which to plant crops.

What motivated the Bonus Army to march on Washington, D.C. in 1932?
a) to join the American Federation of Labor
b) to demand pay for service during World War I
c) to alert Americans to the threat of Communism
d) to encourage American isolationism in the 1930s

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