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When referencing a line or lines of a poem, line numbers should be given. If you are writing about more than one line of poetry, lines should be divided using a __.
a) slash
b) ellipsis
c) colon
d) none of the other choices

Which of the following is NOT part of the SEAT format?
a) statement
b) evaluate
c) analysis
d) transition

__—using only one or a few words; use quotation marks around those words only
a) Direct phrase or word quote
b) Paraphrase (Indirect quotation)
c) Omitting words within a quote
d) none of the other choices

Plays, novels, long poems, website titles, magazine titles, movie titles, and books should be italicized or __.
a) underlined
b) put in quotation marks
c) none of the other choices

Articles, chapter titles, song titles, poems, short stories, and essays should be __.
a) punctuated with quotation marks
b) underlined
c) italicized
d) none of the other choices

Periods and commas always go __ quotation marks.
a) inside
b) outside

Omitting words within a quote; use __ between
a) the ellipsis
b) a comma
c) a colon
d) brackets

Adding or changing words within a quote; use __ to set off the change
a) brackets
b) the ellipsis
c) a comma
d) parentheses

Any time you use someone else’s words or ideas, you must give credit to that person, whether you quote directly or just paraphrase. If you do not give credit to your sources it is considered __.
a) plagiarism
b) rude
c) bad writing
d) none of the other choices

As a rule, anyone you do not personally know should be referred to by their __.
a) LAST name
b) FIRST name
c) FULL name

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