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The particles in a suspension can
a) scatter light
b) not be seen
c) settle out
d) are soluble

Which of the following best describes chicken noodle soup?
a) solution
b) homogeneous mixture
c) heterogeneous mixture
d) suspension

Julie created a solution by dissolving sugar in 480 mL of water. She then found that the mass of the solution was 500 g. How much sugar was dissolved in the solution?
a) 10 g
b) 15 g
c) 20 g
d) 25 g

How do you know a solution is saturated?
a) the mass of the solution will double
b) the volume of the solution will double
c) solute will collect on the bottom
d) the solution will become very thick

When a solution is concentrated,
a) large amounts of solute are dissolved in solvent
b) so much solute has been added that no more solute will dissolve
c) large amounts of solvent are dissolved in solute
d) almost all the water has been taken out

Clyde mixed 25 grams of salt with water to make a 1000 mL solution. What is the percent solution
a) 25 %
b) 2.5 %
c) 250 %
d) 0.25 %

Two beakers with exactly 100 mL of solutions in them have different weights. Why would one solution weigh less?
a) One solution has more solute
b) One solution has more solvent
c) One solution is more concentrated
d) One solution is made of only water

Solutions can be separated by which of the following
a) filtration
b) centrifuges
c) separating by hand
d) evaporation

Solutes may come out of a solution that is
a) unsaturated
b) saturated
c) supersaturated
d) miscible

Which of the following is an example of the formation of a mixture?
a) rust forming on an iron nail
b) sugar crystals dissolving in water
c) sodium and chlorine forming table salt
d) hydrogen and oxygen reacting to produce water

A student is given an unknown clear liquid. What would be the most helpful to determine if the liquid is water
a) color of the liquid
b) mass of the liquid
c) volume of the liquid
d) boiling point of the liquid

Which is an example of container filled with pure substance
a) a tire filled with air
b) a jar filled with salt water
c) a balloon filled with helium
d) a glass filled with chocolate milk

What is often called the universal solvent?
a) nitrogen
b) oxygen
c) acid
d) water

Which of the following has a component that MUST be soluble?
a) mixture
b) suspension
c) heterogeneous mixture
d) solution

Electricity can be conducted through which of the following
a) sugar water
b) salt water
c) water water
d) air

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