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Look! My brother ____________________ his new car.
a) is driveing
b) is riding
c) is flying
d) is driving

We ___________________ to the new song on the radio.
a) are watching
b) are sitting
c) are listening
d) are making

I ___________________ a book at the moment.
a) am not reading
b) are not reading
c) is not reading
d) am not readding

_______________ your homework?
a) You are doing
b) Are you doing
c) Is you doing
d) Am you doing

Tom and Bill ________________ sandwiches now.
a) are makeing
b) is making
c) is makeing
d) are making

Jack ______ riding his new bike in this picture.
a) am
b) is
c) 'm not
d) are

I _________ singing at the moment.
a) are
b) is
c) am
d) do

We ______ running now.
a) are
b) am
c) is
d) isn't

_________ are you going to the cinema? Because there is a new film.
a) Where
b) Why
c) Who
d) What

___________ are you going with? I'm going with my friends.
a) When
b) How many
c) Who
d) What

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