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Which type of water pollution blocks sunlight and covers up the food sources, nesting sites and eggs of organisms?
a) sediments
b) fertilizers
c) heat
d) pesticides

The devices used in cars and trucks to reduce carbon monoxide emissions are called
a) catalytic converters
b) mufflers
c) scrubbers
d) CFC substitutes

What is the thick, brownish haze formed when certain gases react in sunlight?
a) photochemical smog
b) acid rain
c) carbon monoxide
d) radon

Which indoor air pollutant is a colorless, odorless gas that forms when wood coal, oil or gas are incompletely burned?
a) carbon monoxide
b) ozone
c) smog
d) radon

Most scientists base their climate predictions on
a) computer models
b) weather reports
c) analysis of acid rain
d) observation of clouds

Precipitation that is more acidic than normal because of air pollution is called
a) acid rain
b) smog
c) ozone
d) emissions

True or False: The layer of soil that is richest in decaying animal and plant matter is litter
a) false
b) true

True or False: Bacteria break down wastes during secondary treatment of wastewater.
a) True
b) False

True or False: Most hazardous wastes are disposed of in open dumps.
a) False
b) True

The trash that is produced in your home and school is called
a) municipal solid waste
b) sewage
c) garbage
d) waste

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