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The information about a trait passed from parent to offspring is a ____________.
a) diversity
b) gene
c) conservationist
d) test subject

The diversity of species on Earth is ____________________.
a) genetic diversity
b) species diversity
c) ecosystem diversity
d) biosphere diversity

Coral reefs, tundra, swamps, river are an example of ______________ diversity
a) ecosystem
b) genetic
c) species
d) biosphere

An insect or animal without a backbone is is called a(n)_________________
a) vertebrate
b) invertebrate
c) bivertebrate
d) advertebrate

Species that are at risk of disappearing are _______________
a) mass extinct
b) extinct
c) endangered
d) mass extinction

What does evolve mean?
a) a sudden change in an organism's genes
b) To develop and change over time.
c) to stay the same
d) to never change

The process by which organisms best suited to their environment pass on their genes to their offspring is called ____________________.
a) Natural selection
b) mutation
c) evolution
d) endemic

When a species is found in only one part of the planet and nowhere else they are said to be ________________.
a) extinct
b) endemic
c) invertebrate
d) genetic diversity

The evolution of a new species is called __________________.
a) adaptation
b) tentacle
c) speciation
d) extinction

A branch of science that deals with classifying species is called ________________.
a) astronomy
b) taxonomy
c) chemistry
d) astronomy

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