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What is the capitol of Russia?
a) St. Petersburg
b) Moscow
c) Siberia
d) Volga

Russia's area of rich, fertile soil is called...
a) Steppes
b) Taiga
c) Tundra
d) Siberia

What type of government is represented in a capitalist economy?
a) Democracy
b) Communist
c) Absolute Monarchy
d) Dictatorship

What is Communism?
a) The freedom to own a business
b) Government ownership and administration of businesses
c) Shared ownership of businesses between the government and its citizens
d) None of the Above

An example of a limited government is...
a) Mexico
b) Canada
c) Russia
d) USA

What was the Cold War?
a) The bloodiest war in US history
b) A war fought in the Arctic Circle
c) The bloodiest war in Russian history
d) An ideological war between the USA and Russia

Siberia is...
a) full of rich soil for agriculture
b) located in the western most part of Russia
c) practically uninhabitable due to the extreme cold
d) the capitol of Russia

The Great Terror/Great Purge is an examle of...
a) A good movie
b) Human rights abuses of a limited government
c) Humans afraid of rights
d) Human rights abuses of an unlimited government

What is westernization?
a) A plan to move westward
b) A plan to modernize Russia
c) A plan to expand Russia's territory
d) A term to describe a direction

Who was responsible for over 20 million deaths in Russia?
a) Joseph Stalin
b) Vladimir Lenin
c) Ivan the Terrible
d) The Mongols

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