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Which of the following is not a scientific name of a group of bacteria:
a) Bacillus
b) Squareilla
c) Spirilla
d) Coccus

Bacteria differ from a plant cell because they have:
a) cell wall
b) cytoplasm
c) hard capsule
d) cell membrane

Which of the following are prokaryotic cells:
a) bacteria
b) fungi
c) animals
d) plants

What do scientists believe were the first living things on the Earth?
a) protists
b) bacteria
c) plants
d) fungi

Photosynthetic bactria require carbon dioxide, sunlight, and water to make food. What are the products of photosynthesis:
a) sugar and salt
b) sugra and helium
c) sugar and oxygen
d) oxygen and hydrogen

Where are bacteria found?
a) human body
b) everywhere
c) ocean vents and volcanoes
d) in a person\'s house

What science instrument is used to grow bacteria?
a) microscope
b) bunsen burner
c) beaker
d) petri dish

This lab instrument is used to magnify objects such as bacteria:
a) magnifying glass
b) microscope
c) triple beam balance
d) ruler

A group of tissues make up which thing:
a) cell
b) organ system
c) organism
d) organ

Using a tool to classify organisms by choosing out of one or two descriptive statements and then moving to the next set of descriptions is using what?
a) dichotomous key
b) none of these
c) study guide
d) field guide

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