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This was the first person to observe cells. He looked at think pieces of cork.
a) Robert Hooke
b) Matthias Schleiden
c) Rudolf VIrchow
d) Anton Van Leeuwenhoek

He concluded that all animals are made of living cells.
a) Theodor Schwann
b) Rudolf Virchow
c) Robert Hooke
d) Matthias Schleiden

Dutch businessman who looked at drops of lake water and scrapings of his own teeth and gums.
a) Anton Van Leeuwenhoek
b) Rudolf VIrchow
c) Robert Hooke
d) Theodor Schwann

A plant's main source of energy is
a) Photosynthesis
b) Cellular Respiration
c) Fermentation
d) Digestion

Which cell organelle do all cells have that controls the movement of materials into and out of the cell?
a) Cell Membrane
b) Cell Wall
c) Nucleus
d) Nuclear Membrane

What is the name of the process by which water moves across a cell membrane?
a) Osmosis
b) Active Transport
c) Diffusion
d) Resolution

What do cells do with waste products?
a) Wastes are passed out through the cell membrane
b) They store wastes in the cell membrane
c) Wastes are broken down into helpful substances
d) The cell stores wastes which allows them to grow

What guides all cell processes?
a) Genetic material in the nucleus
b) Energy from the mitochondria
c) Movement through the cell membrane
d) Osmosis in the vacuole

Which of the following is not made of cells?
a) Sand
b) Mushrooms
c) Dogs
d) Leafs

The grain like organelles where proteins are made are called:
a) Ribosomes
b) Golgi Bodies
c) Nuclei
d) Mitochondria

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